Driving out of work today (sad I know) I noticed signs that read “Car Museum”. I had noticed them before, but today my schedule was pretty free, so why not. I figured I’d walk in and see a few 1957 Chevy’s, some old Vette’s and a bunch of cars that didn’t really qualify as classics. But I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I pulled up to the building. Shelby Collection of America. Holy shit. Calm down. I walked in and discovered what is probably the finest public car collection in North America, hidden inside a tiny warehouse. In Boulder of all places. No less than 15 authentic AC Cobras and Shelby Cobras lined up the brick walls. Four original GT-40’s, inlcuding No.3 – the earliest surviving example – sat there infront of me. The old man behind the counter handed me a brown bag, fearing I’d loose counsciousness then and there. I went back and forth like at 5 year old in a toy store. I stared at the details, the kind not found in any modern car. I made sure to touch the Shelby Coupe that actually won the LeMan 24 over 30 years ago. I stared longlinly at the red 1955 Ferrari Scaglietti, wearing it’s huge prancing horse badges on either side proudly. I breathed in the oil and grease filled air.

I was in heaven.


~ by adnapping on March 21, 2009.

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