One more drop in the glass.

Times are tough. No one is hiring. Most are either firing, or cutting worker compensations. Everyones I know is being affected in one way or another. And it sometimes feels like it’s a countdown until my turn comes. Yet, I often find myself complaining about what I do have. I find myself wanting more. Today, I confessed this to a good friend, not proud of myself at all. He replied: “Optimists should not see then glass as half full. They should see it as half empty, and seek to fill it up to the top.”  So,I realized I’ll probably never be completely happy and content. At certain points, sure, I’ll celebrate. I’ll look around me and think, damn, I’m lucky to have this. To be here. Yet I know i’ll always be wanting more. I’ll always be seeking a step up, another challenge, a next step. And even though it may seem ungrateful, it’s really the opposite. It’s making more of myself. I know I’ll always be striving anxiously. Maybe there’s nothing but air in the glass. Or it’s filled to the very very top.  Either way, there’s always room for one more drop.


~ by adnapping on March 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “One more drop in the glass.”

  1. where the fuck do you get the time to write this silliness…?

  2. that’s very deep. you’re by far the most profound, sexy latin male I’ve ever met. keep writing man!

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