About Passing Gas and Flying.

I travel roughly once every three months. But after coming back from a trip home to Puerto Rico and spending a total of 13 hours on planes, I realized traveling by air sucks. It’s become routine. Crap. There’s no romance anymore. Captains stroll the terminals in short sleve shirts, clip on ties, and stickers on their luggage that read “Working under reduced pay”. Flight attendants give you dirty looks if you ask for a cup of water before or after the beverage kart has rolled by. The seats are tiny and unconfortable. The guy next to you always smells of something, can’t quite figure out what. When the Captain comes on the intercom and says “Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight”, everyone rolls their eyes. But I remember flying as a child, and being more excited about getting on the plane than about the rides at Disney. And I fly regularly as a private pilot, and love every second of it. I figure I’ve just become a snob, and have started noticing things I was simply oblivious to before.  So the next time I’m on a commercial flight sitting between a 68 year old retiree that won’t stop passing gas and his wife who didn’t want to sit next to him for said reason, I’ll remind myself that I’m flying – through the air – and how awesome it is that I can take part in this. Despite the smell.


~ by adnapping on March 12, 2009.

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