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Driving out of work today (sad I know) I noticed signs that read “Car Museum”. I had noticed them before, but today my schedule was pretty free, so why not. I figured I’d walk in and see a few 1957 Chevy’s, some old Vette’s and a bunch of cars that didn’t really qualify as classics. But I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I pulled up to the building. Shelby Collection of America. Holy shit. Calm down. I walked in and discovered what is probably the finest public car collection in North America, hidden inside a tiny warehouse. In Boulder of all places. No less than 15 authentic AC Cobras and Shelby Cobras lined up the brick walls. Four original GT-40’s, inlcuding No.3 – the earliest surviving example – sat there infront of me. The old man behind the counter handed me a brown bag, fearing I’d loose counsciousness then and there. I went back and forth like at 5 year old in a toy store. I stared at the details, the kind not found in any modern car. I made sure to touch the Shelby Coupe that actually won the LeMan 24 over 30 years ago. I stared longlinly at the red 1955 Ferrari Scaglietti, wearing it’s huge prancing horse badges on either side proudly. I breathed in the oil and grease filled air.

I was in heaven.


One more drop in the glass.

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Times are tough. No one is hiring. Most are either firing, or cutting worker compensations. Everyones I know is being affected in one way or another. And it sometimes feels like it’s a countdown until my turn comes. Yet, I often find myself complaining about what I do have. I find myself wanting more. Today, I confessed this to a good friend, not proud of myself at all. He replied: “Optimists should not see then glass as half full. They should see it as half empty, and seek to fill it up to the top.”  So,I realized I’ll probably never be completely happy and content. At certain points, sure, I’ll celebrate. I’ll look around me and think, damn, I’m lucky to have this. To be here. Yet I know i’ll always be wanting more. I’ll always be seeking a step up, another challenge, a next step. And even though it may seem ungrateful, it’s really the opposite. It’s making more of myself. I know I’ll always be striving anxiously. Maybe there’s nothing but air in the glass. Or it’s filled to the very very top.  Either way, there’s always room for one more drop.


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Well, not for the pay. Or the casual dress code. Nor the free softdrinks in the kitchen. Not for the deceptively cool sounding title. Or the 500 business cards. Definitely not for the email blasts from vendors. The unlimited supply of Sharpies is nice, but not for that either. Why, you ask? Ok it’s the 500 business cards.

Places you don’t want to be in.

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These became Toyota billboards, I confess.  But, still cool with no logo.

About Passing Gas and Flying.

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I travel roughly once every three months. But after coming back from a trip home to Puerto Rico and spending a total of 13 hours on planes, I realized traveling by air sucks. It’s become routine. Crap. There’s no romance anymore. Captains stroll the terminals in short sleve shirts, clip on ties, and stickers on their luggage that read “Working under reduced pay”. Flight attendants give you dirty looks if you ask for a cup of water before or after the beverage kart has rolled by. The seats are tiny and unconfortable. The guy next to you always smells of something, can’t quite figure out what. When the Captain comes on the intercom and says “Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight”, everyone rolls their eyes. But I remember flying as a child, and being more excited about getting on the plane than about the rides at Disney. And I fly regularly as a private pilot, and love every second of it. I figure I’ve just become a snob, and have started noticing things I was simply oblivious to before.  So the next time I’m on a commercial flight sitting between a 68 year old retiree that won’t stop passing gas and his wife who didn’t want to sit next to him for said reason, I’ll remind myself that I’m flying – through the air – and how awesome it is that I can take part in this. Despite the smell.


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Concept sketches for a comic book project currently delayed because of my day job/laziness.

Cover cover.

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An “I can do better than that” moment while browsing for books at Borders prompted this one.